Haters 2

2013-02-03 12:30:38 by swordsofe

What the hell is with all the hate I am getting for my music lately. I guess I should go back my original style of metal and grunge only. Guess I should be just a one dimensional person when it comes to music huh? Well, !@#$@#%@#%@%!#$@!@#$%@#%@$#%^$#&$%^&^@#$@#^#%^*&
^*$#%^$@!#$%T!#$!%B $^%&^&%^@$%!@#%#$^$^#$@!. Sorry my niece thats 7 reads everything I post so I have to censor myself. I have been a musician for about 15 years now just playing the same genre of music. So what the hell is wrong with me trying something different. I don't get it. I guess its because of how I blend several different styles of music to together is what makes people mad at me. So if anybody reads this I am working on a track that will make a lot of people shut up. Its something that I know no one has tried before, it will be out later this year if I can get the time to work on it. So with all that being said, a really big thank you to anybody that took the time to give me a listen. i mean it really, its all a musician can ask for. That and I like to see what works and what dose not for music. I mean it, thank you everyone.


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