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Coming soon

2014-02-20 10:09:53 by swordsofe

Coming soon: Song of time cover, and Guiles theme. Punch and pie to follow.

Birthday again?????

2013-12-08 12:07:56 by swordsofe

So this momental day is the day I was born. I thought of this as a thank you to my mom, my family and friends. There is a lot of history here, I write a lot of music but I think this the first true poem per say I have written. Anyway here is my epic birthday poem.(So cheesy 0_0)  

XXX Annis                            

On this very day 30 years ago I burst forth from the womb of creation.

Little did I know that I eventfully would become my family’s foundation?

In my youth I was the source of my mothers frustration.

Many nights she has prayed to God for my salvation.


It came to pass at an early point in my life.

That had I to face much sorrow and strife.

Helpless as a child could be upon the edge of a knife.

Even in the beginning I was close to the afterlife.


Never once did my mother give up hope.

She prayed day and night not stopping to mope.

Her prayer answered as the doctor used his stethoscope.

It was as if I was washed clean with Gods soap.


Time pasted on and saw many things change.

My siblings came who made things rearrange.

But unfortunately their father was deranged.

He and mother soon became estranged.


To a quiet town we then came.

Where at first no one knew our names.

In a small town it’s easy to acquire fame.

Even quicker can one gain shame.


Finally when all learning was complete.

I gathered with my classmates to meet.

Towns’ people celebrated with us too that was neat.

I left them behind; the future lay now at my feet.


Not long did it take before I fell.

Down to drown in a deep unending well.

Many nights with in my mind I did yell.

Would I ever be free of this hell?


I looked for love both wanting and needing.

All I found was shrews that liked cheating.

Their advances were often misleading.

A fool I was to be left cut and bleeding.


Then one day I said no more.

With an iron will, I won my mental war.

Now sure of things I swore.

To the outside world I would explore.


It took four long years of very hard work.

But at last I was able to prove my worth.

My true potential was unearthed.

With graduation came my rebirth.


My life has never been an easy one.

With scared hands and skin that burns easily in the sun.

Was not long ago I learned that I would no longer run.

That one day I will be stuck in a chair, an end to my fun.


But I refuse to adept what doctors have told me.

I will not stop ever as my body crumbles to some degree.

Much I have lost and much I have gained to be free.

I have done a lot with these old broken knees.


Through it all God has been my constant companion.

Never once did God abandon.

I would never have made it with out his compassion.

What a joy will be the day of God’s extraction.


To my family and friends I love so much.

You had to put up with my outbursts and such.

Thank you for helping me and staying in touch.

You all gave me hope when I was looking for a crutch.


So here in this poem is a small part of my history.

To tell how I overcame my life’s misery.

Once upon a time I viewed things most bitterly.

But no longer now today I have the victory.


Jacob Eddleman             12/8/2013


2013-11-21 15:31:05 by swordsofe

Friends, family, “bros” lend me your ears. I am proud to tell everyone that as of today I finished college. I graduate with a bachelors of science in music production. For the last four years it's been a rough road. I've had plenty of hardships come my way. There were moments where I was like I can't do this anymore, but I sucked it up because I knew that my family was behind me 1000 x 10%. Plus my friends who where there for me to lean on during those times they saw all the frustration and stress that I was going through. I couldn’t let them down you know. There are a lot of people I wish was here to see me graduate. But I know Granny, Aunty mow, Uncle Randy and everyone up there is proud me for sticking with it. Now the only problem I’m worried about now is getting kicked off the plane for being a big guy. Which would be wrong on so many levels. So everyone say a prayer for me that something like that does not go down. Wow this got really long… what am I forgetting? Yes! My graduation ceremony will be live streamed over the net so when I get the link I will post it here for yall can watch it. Plus I will vlog the whole trip and post pictures and do interviews so everyone can enjoy the trip with me. I wish everyone could be there but it not going work like that. So this is the next best thing.

To everyone that stands behind me and has my back, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn’t be here with out you. And lastly (and this is going to sound so cheesy) I want to thank all the haters from the last 29 years. Thanks for giving me the creative full I needed to improve myself. Plus remember I can write songs about all you a post them on the net. It will be there for all time. Lolz!
Love, Please, and Doughnuts and God bless everyone!

Jacob Eddleman


2013-08-28 02:28:54 by swordsofe

I have finally finished my cover of the Super Mario Bros theme. I have been so busy these last few months. I am getting ready to graduate from collage. Well I hope I do. Its been 4 years since I started and honestly it feels a lot longer than that. So when november finally comes around I hope to be truly ready to face life on my own terms. Anyway I still have some more homework to finish up. Crap I have to go to work today. Oh well love. peace, and doughnuts!


2013-03-15 01:53:47 by swordsofe

Hello everyone i hope that your week has been better than mine. I don't know what it is but this week has dragged by. Anyway here is what is on tap for the coming attractions this month and next month.

I will be starting things off with some classic covers of the best of the best of the classic video games. Then with all that out of the way I will be releasing new original music.

Thats about all I got for today. I have to work in the morning so everyone take care out there.



Haters 2

2013-02-03 12:30:38 by swordsofe

What the hell is with all the hate I am getting for my music lately. I guess I should go back my original style of metal and grunge only. Guess I should be just a one dimensional person when it comes to music huh? Well, !@#$@#%@#%@%!#$@!@#$%@#%@$#%^$#&$%^&^@#$@#^#%^*&
^*$#%^$@!#$%T!#$!%B $^%&^&%^@$%!@#%#$^$^#$@!. Sorry my niece thats 7 reads everything I post so I have to censor myself. I have been a musician for about 15 years now just playing the same genre of music. So what the hell is wrong with me trying something different. I don't get it. I guess its because of how I blend several different styles of music to together is what makes people mad at me. So if anybody reads this I am working on a track that will make a lot of people shut up. Its something that I know no one has tried before, it will be out later this year if I can get the time to work on it. So with all that being said, a really big thank you to anybody that took the time to give me a listen. i mean it really, its all a musician can ask for. That and I like to see what works and what dose not for music. I mean it, thank you everyone.

The End???

2012-12-20 05:54:53 by swordsofe

Just wondering what will everyone be doing friday? Me I will be playing guitar and enjoying a beer. On a epic note I just finished my junior year of college. One more year to go.

Its my birthday!!!

2012-12-08 15:51:47 by swordsofe

Its my birthday!!! going to party some tonight!

Live Stream!

2012-11-07 17:31:10 by swordsofe

I am going to setup a live stream on you tube a month from now and would like to know what you would like hear.

Video Game tunes

2012-09-05 11:55:49 by swordsofe

Ok everyone here is the line up for the last of the video game cover tunes.

Guile's stage theme

Super Mario bro's theme

And last but not least.....

One wing angel FF7.

Right now I am taking a much needed break from school so I can get things straiten out at home. It sucks that I have to move out by saturday at my place. So I posted Zelda's lullaby being as it was closer to being done. Again the trolls be showing up trolling. I am going to say this to the trolls if you don't like my music don't listen, the last thing I want is to be someones control freak fantasy. People on this planet are so weird. The first time I herd the term troll I thought WTF? A troll using a computer lol. It would be funny that was true. Oh and just so you know my sign off is a trigun reference to Vash's need for doughnuts. Well thats all I got for today. Love, peace and doughnuts!